SpectroMaster C700-R

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Lighting Cinema Photo Video Lighting
DopPRO: SK-C700R
Sekonic: C-700R
Note DopPRO: The Sekonic C-700R is the worthy heir of the Sekonic C-700 which is for us certainly the best thermocolorimeter on the market .
The R version brings some additional functions including the Radio mode which allows you to control a PocketWizard remotely wirelessly .
  • Measure Flash, LED, HMI, Fluorescent
  • Measurements Tungsten, Natural Light
  • Name display: Rosco, Lee, Fuji, Wratten
  • IRC display of the colorimetric rendering index
  • 11 cm color touchscreen & 270° swivel head
  • Measurement of color temperatures of ambient light, HMI sources, LEDs, fluorescent tubes and flashes.
  • Incident measurement in blue, green & red to measure the temperature of flashes & ambient light with display of filters to be used in digital & analog shooting. Storage of 4 measurements. Automatic switching on of the screen in low light. It also displays the illuminance in lux.
  • Two different color measurements: one calibrated for digital shooting and the second for film shooting.
  • Accurate measurement, whatever the light source (LED, HMI, fluorescent, tungsten, natural light, etc.)
  • Ergonomic and user-friendly design (rotating head, capless dark calibration, large 4.3'' color LCD touch screen, personalized use)
  • Large measurement range (Color temperature: 1,600 – 40,000K / Illuminance: 1 - 200,000 lux in ambient light & 20 - 20,480 lux.s in flash light)
  • 8 display modes for various uses
  • Memory function and utility provided (software )
  • Measurement range: 1600 - 40,000 K
  • Measurement range: 1 - 200,000 lux in ambient light
  • Speed ​​scale: flash: 1 sec - 1/500 sec
  • Measurement system: incident in continuous light (+ HMI & LED) & flash with pre-adjustment for analog & digital photography.
  • Weight: 230g
  • Dimensions: 73 x 183 x 27mm
  • Power supply: 2 AA/LR6 batteries

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