Cognitive Radio MultipleXer

Lumen Radio CRMX modules allow to transmit a wireless DMX universe with or without RDM through a transmitter (TX) and to one or more receivers (RX).

These modules use all available channels from the HF to 2.4Ghz frequency band. They receive frames (DMX) from a console/desk or any other control device (tablet/pc/midi) to convert them into radio signals.

CRMX uses Automated Cognitive Coexistence, which continuously analyzes the Wireless environment (the transmitter uses the 84 channels available on the frequency band) and adapts every millisecond to avoid being disturbed or creating disturbances. It changes channels 1000 times per second. If a channel is occupied by another system, this channel is automatically avoided. Even if the 2.4 GHz frequency band is saturated, CRMX transmitters continue to transmit without interference in 99% of cases. Automated Cognitive Coexistence is, as the name suggests, automated and requires no user intervention. This system does not disturb any WIFI connection and cannot be disturbed by any WIFI connection.

Quick procedure:

  1. Connect the transmitter (TX) to the DMX output of your console/node.
  2. Connect the receivers (RX) to the DMX input of your projectors.
  3. UNLINK/Unpair all receivers (RX) (for projectors equipped with integrated CRMX receivers, go to the menu and choose Unlink / Reset CRMX)
  4. Click on CONNECT on the transmitter (RX) so that it detects all receivers nearby


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