Kelvin Unit of measurement of color temperature expressed in degrees Kelvin (K).
  • 1900K-3000K Warm White (flames, bulbs, sodium...)
  • 3000K-4500K White (dawn, dusk..)
  • 5600K-6500K Daylight (daylight, sun at its zenith)
  • 6500K-10,000K Overcast (overcast sky, blue sky...)
Key Light

Key light, the main light source in the scene, directly illuminates the face of the subject. *see three-point lighting.


Lover Lighting accessory that allows to tighten the luminous flux. Grid or filter with regular interstices attaches to the front of the projector.
Lumen Unit of measurement of luminous flux expressed in lumens (lm). It is a photometric unit , just like the candela (cd) from which it is derived, it is based on the human perception of light using the spectral luminous efficiency function (lm/W)

Unit of measurement of noted illuminance (lx). It characterizes the light intensity received per unit area, in a uniformly distributed manner, a luminous flux of one lumen per square meter.


Mapping Display of patterns, images or videos on LED panels.
Match Match an existing source (halogen light, screens, etc.)
Minette Small, lightweight and portable light source.


Octa Eight-sided softbox.



DMX channel configuration modes to be set according to the needs of the scene. Example for the same DMX channels 1-2-3, protocol A: 1=Intensity 2=White 3=Amber; while protocol B: 1=Red; 2=Green; 3= Blue


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