Reflector Aluminum panel or white fabric used to reflect "bounce" light which allows indirect illumination of the subject.
Rigging Installation of projectors according to the lighting plan. .


scrim Mesh accessory that is positioned in front of the HMI and tungsten projectors. It allows the brightness to be reduced without affecting the color temperature.
Soft light Soft and diffuse light source. Gradual and blurry shadow transitions.
space light Cylinder in white silk used in chandelier for a soft and homogeneous illumination.
Spot Focus position of the light at a specific point. Opposite of Flood.


Color temperature Color temperature expressed in Kelvin (K). Variable between 1800K (candle orange) to 10,000K (blue electric arc). The light on a sunny day is between 5600K-6500K.
tilt Vertical rotational movement on a foot or a lyre.
top light Lighting placed above subject "in shower".
Tungsten Incandescent tungsten filament light.


DMX Universe A DMX universe is a set of 512 DMX channels.


Shutter Panel that cuts the luminous flux.


wash Vertical diffuser used to illuminate walls and facades evenly.
Watt Unit of measurement of electrical power (W). Let be the quantity of energy in a given time, generally one second.


yoke English term for designating an articulated fixing plate or a lyre.


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