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Kupo has forged its own path in the world of machinery by manufacturing innovative and sought-after tools of unparalleled quality, which have been shaped by industry professionals around the world. Soon available online.


SkyPanel X

Softboxes, Louvers, Battery Adapters, Cables, Diffusers, Intensifiers and Mounting Accessories.

Caligri Softtube AIRTUBE 240 DopPRO

Avoid rain and trouble!

Rob's Rain Hats - Rain Cover for ARRI SKYPANELS S30, S60, S120 S360-C and HMI / Tungsten 4K/6K/18K/20K Projectors...Made in USA.

Softbag for CreamSource VORTEX 8!

Protect your devices, cables, and accessories with the new GEARHOUSE Bags made in Germany and designed especially for the audiovisual industry.

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