DMX addressing Assign each light fixture to a DMX channel strip of the 512 available.
Art Net UDP/IP protocol which simplifies the transfer of DMX frames. It allows multiple DMX universes to be managed at increased speed in a single network. This system requires RJ45 type network cabling.


barn door Shutters. Accessory that cuts the luminous flux.


Candela Unit of measurement of light intensity perceived by the human eye in a given direction noted (cd). A candle has a brightness of about 1 cd in the horizontal plane.
TC/TC Color temperature expressed in Kelvin (K). Variable between 1800K (candle orange) to 10,000K (blue electric arc). The light on a sunny day is between 5600K-6500K.
Coupler Accessory that allows you to couple several batteries to increase power and/or autonomy.
CRMX Cognitive Radio MultipleXer. This system developed by Lumen Radio automatically scans the 2.4 GHz network and uses the less saturated frequencies of the band, thus limiting interference and latency. It allows DMX frames to be transferred wirelessly using a transmitter (TX) and one or more receivers (RX) connected to the lighting sources. see the CRMX section
CTO/BTC Correct to Orange/Blue. Filters that are used to "heat" or "cool" an existing source.


Dimmer Intensity control box / knob. Graduated from 0 to 100%.
DMX Digital Multiple Xing. Data transmission standard used for lighting control and stage effects. This protocol makes it possible to control 512 channels (9 addressing bits) by assigning to each channel a value between 0 and 255 (8 bits per channel).
D-TAP Battery connection port used in the film industry.
Driver Power supply box which is often used as a control / dimmer.


eggcrate Box of eggs. Gridded accessory that narrows the light range of a projector.


Fresnel Generally mobile focusing lens / or mobile reflector which makes it possible to narrow the beam (spot) or widen it (flood). The closer the lamp and its reflector are to the lens, the wider the beam.


blunder English term for a lighting chief / Tape used in film.
Gelatins Colored film used to correct or modify the color of light.
Gobo GOes Before Optics - Metal plate accessory with pre-cut patterns that allows you to control the shape of the shadow.


HSI Hue Saturation Intensity. Hue (0-360°), saturation (0-100%) and intensity (0-100%) control.
Hue Hue expressed from 0 to 360° on a chromatic circle.


Incandescent Light source that illuminates by incandescently burning a tungsten filament.
IRC Color rendering index. Measures the ability of a light source to render the color tints/shades of a surface/object. Between 0 and 100, the established iRC rendered in relation to a reference source (ex: the sun)


Day light Color temperature between 5600 and 6500 Kelvin.


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