On July 1 and 2, 2022, at the Kulturhall of the Zénith in Munich, the Euro Ciné Expo audiovisual fair held its very first edition!

The DOPPRO team joined around 100 exhibitors and 2000 visitors for the most Bavarian of industry trade shows, where we saw the latest lighting systems and innovative energies. 

If you couldn't make it or just want to refresh your memory, we've compiled a list of our 5 favorite finds from Euro Cine Expo 2022.

1. Caligri invents the AIRTUBES!

Luca Oltenau and Michael Matuschek, two friends from Cologne, with more than 25 years of experience in the film production segment offer tailor-made services and product designs for the world of cinema. Together they founded Caligri.

Their AIRTUBES are characterized on the one hand by quality, both in design and materials, and on the other hand by great functionality and ease of use. Caligri offers a complete range of AIRTUBES for Astera HELIOS, TITAN & HYPERION ranging from 50 centimeters to 8 meters!

The SNAPGRIDS developed by DoPchoice with their unique rounded shape are an ideal solution for controlling light and install quickly on the AirTubes 50, 100 and 200.

Caligri's future projects include AIRTUBES for APUTURE COB 300 and COB 600 , and also for 30x120 LED panels (eg ARRI SkyPanel S120, Aladdin Biflex 4 etc…)

2. Lithium Generator Sets 

Alternatives to diesel generators are proliferating on the market, and industries around the world are on the way to reducing emissions. The film industry must also reflect on how it plans to contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions .

While big name players pledge to fight global warming, the innovators behind CineGreen (based in Berlin and Zurich) have also looked specifically at the noise, fumes, unreliability and bad eco karma that we are inflicted by diesel generators on a film set.  CineGreen's NXTGEN generators provide your set with silent, reliable and environmentally friendly electrical energy from 25 kWh to 145 kWh ! 

3. K500 Space Beam

K5600 presents the new Space Beam , the essential accessory to transform your Alpha into a Beam Projector (3° angle) or into a Spacelight HMI.

The light beam produced by the Space Beam creates an amazing parallel ray of light. The new Space Beam operates in all positions, including in the shower, with no variation in luminous flux or color temperature. It is perfect for light ingress through windows or foliage.

The new Space Beam shows itself in the blink of an eye on the Alpha 300 LED or Alpha 800, 1600, 4K and 6/9K HMI .

4. Revolutionary foot at LCA

The future junior Long John from Avenger under development was on display at the LCA stand. This foot is revolutionary because it is as low as a baby crank (about 90cm) and goes up to 4m50! 

This will greatly facilitate the assembly and disassembly of large 18K HMI projectors or even heavy LED configurations such as the S360-C or the Quad Vortex Yoke shown in the photo.

*Expected release Q1 2023.

5. Astera HYDRA PANEL TITAN LED engine

The new Astera Hydra Panel is a 6-pixel RGBMA kitty with 17W of built-in battery power. Hydra can be controlled locally, via the Astera app, in CRMX or wired DMX.

The Hydra boasts an IP65 waterproof rating so don't be afraid of threatening clouds!

As for accessories, Hydra Panel is accompanied by its 6 filters and diffusers, as well as a wide range of hooks. It is possible to connect four Hydra together in order to use them as a single projector.

*Available in Single or Quad kit.

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