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AirTube 4 meters for LED type Astera TITAN / HYPERION + Magic Cloth®

The AirTube makes it easy to attach one or more ASTERA-type LED tubes in order to obtain a soft and uniform light while accessing all the features of your LED tubes, such as battery operation, color selection, effects and pixel control.

Simply connect several LED tubes one after the other to the AIRTUBE, perfect for generating extremely long and uninterrupted lights for film shoots or product photo shoots. You can for example fix two HELIOS tubes in an AIRTUBE 100 or 8x TITAN tubes in an AIRTUBE 800!

Caligri uses only high- quality materials, such as The Rag Place's Magic Cloth® and Ultrabounce® cinematic technical fabrics.

*Compatible with all LED tubes: Astera HELIOS, TITAN, HYPERION etc..

1x AirTube 400
2 x Skirts
2 x Blinds
Transport bag

Size: 420 x 19cm
Blackouts: Black / White Ultrabounce®
Canvas: Magic Cloth®
Valve Dimensions: ~0.68" / 1.75cm
Recommended pressure: 0.72 PSI / 0.05 bar

Made in Germany

7 Kg

The skirts as well as the blackouts are in black opaque fabric, which absorbs 99% of the light.

The skirt consists of two parts to cover one side of the AIRTUBE or both sides. Velcro together, they surround the whole AIRTUBE.

The blackout also consists of two parts and facilitates flexible attachment to possible supports and access to menus and connectors.

The blackout and the skirts can be easily joined by velcro and are attached to the fleece band of the AIRTUBE by velcro.

A louver grid will soon be available.

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